When Disney Cosplay Meets Marvel (And Star Wars) At D23 Expo


By Karen Yossman

When Disney started buying up nerd properties like it was Black Friday, fans feared the movies would suffer and the merch would be tasteless. Thus far their fears have been unfounded (t-shirts of Darth Vader riding Dumbo aside). After all, Marvel has continued to flourish under the Disney umbrella and George Lucas butchered a few of his own movies long before the House of Mouse got their mitts on them. But Disney’s acquisition of both properties has provided unexpected inspiration for cosplayers, who have taken brand collaboration to a whole new level. Check out the pictures below, from the D23 Expo this weekend, to see what we’re talking about…

Disney Princess Leia

d23 cosplay 6

Move over Cinderella, because Leia has seen your puffball dress and raised you a meringue. This romantic white concoction could have been whipped up by Vera Wang for a Kardashian wedding but the classic Leia buns and R2D2 purse keep it real. We love you Disney Princess Leia. (She knows).

Jedi Tinker Bell

d23 cosplay 3

Don’t mess with Jedi Tink. The combined power of fairy magic and the Force is untested and this sprite is one twinkle away from going over to the Dark Side. After all, she already tried to kill Wendy. On the other hand, she’s totally forgiven because her outfit is awesome and Wendy was kind of a downer. May the pixie dust be with you!

Princess Avengers


If the Disney Princesses met the Avengers they’d look something like this. Super powers? Check. Puffy dresses? Check. Shiny hair? Check. They would do some serious damage while singing a catchy song, possibly with the help of their forest friends, and then they’d live happily ever after. At least until SHIELD came knocking again.

Iron Maiden

d23 cosplay 5

This cosplay brings a whole new meaning to the term "skirt suit". If the talking closet in "Beauty and the Beast" could’ve provided Belle with one of these outfits she’d have busted out of that tower in no time. But then we’d have ended up with a very different film. Although wouldn’t Jarvis and the talking teapot make the cutest couple? They even have matching British accents!

Mickey R2D2

d23 cosplay 7

Who knew a pair of Mickey ears could make the adorable R2D2 even cuter? Throw in a bodycon dress, tube socks and a Droid purse and this stylish cosplay outfit could take you from the con floor to the dance floor. Oh R2, you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind!

Lady Storm Trooper

d23 cosplay 1

Storm Troopers may not be the sexiest characters in the Star Wars universe but throw in a Jessica Rabbit-style dress, complete with leg slit, and more than one man will be doing the cartoon eye pop. This Lady Storm Trooper completes the look with knee high boots and a cone bra circa the Blond Ambition tour. And she even looks like she could handle a blaster.

Jedi Sorcerer Mickey Deadpool

d23 cosplay 4

Jedi Sorcerer Mickey Deadpool is undoubtedly the ultimate super hero. With Sorcerer Mickey’s magic, a Jedi’s powers and Deadpool’s conversational skills, no villain could succeed and no woman could resist. Plus those light-up Mickey light sabres just look so darned fun, don’t they?

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