Top 5 Webcomics You Missed This Week: 'The Adventures of Captain Wayne,' 'Cody the Cavalier,' And More

Top 5 vWebcomics You Missed This Week!

While we were able to keep to a single theme last week, this week's Top 5 Webcomics are a bit all over the place! We've got new stories, potty humor, real life burglaries and more!

5. The Adventures of Captain Wayne: Trouble on P57!

The Adventures of Capt. Wayne

Wouter Goedkoop's been working on his webcomic for some time now, and finished up his first story arc back in June. After a short hiatus, he's returning this week with a new story and a new format!

4. Cody the Cavalier: Mr. Owl is Pissed!

Cody the Cavalier

It's hard to pull off a really great one-panel gag that rises to the level of "You Missed It!" but Jamie Cosley did pull it off this week with a bit of nostalgia for more than one generation. I edited the art a bit here so as not to spoil the joke, but Mr. Owl has been asked about those frickin' Tootsie Pops one too many times!

3. Loop: TARDIS as Port-a-Potty!


Loop is about a time tourist named Dave, who gets accidentally trapped in the past, so it stands to reason that a "Doctor Who" reference would show up sooner or later. It also makes sense that it coincides with the announcement of Peter Capaldi as the next Doctor. I believe, though, that this is the first Who reference that Sean McLean has put in the strip, and while I've seen plenty of TARDIS-as-phone-booth jokes, I believe this is the first time I've seen the time machine mistaken for a Port-a-Potty.

2. Tales of a Checkered Man: Captured!

Tales of a Checkered Man

Despite being the masked protagonist of the story, Denver Brubaker's the Checkered Man has been seen as more of a rogue vigilante by the police. After a long chase, Pembleton and Tracy finally seem to have captured the hero. And what's that red, sticky substance on his hands, anyway?

1. The Devil's Panties: Burgled!

Devil's Panties

Jennie and Obby have to deal with another attempted burglary! Since the strip is somewhat autobiographical, we're glad no one was hurt, and nothing seems to have gotten stolen. Obby gets philosophical in the comments: "Assuming we had morally and legally justifiable cause to kill every person that burgled us, the criminal culture in this city would just produce more next year. And what's to say we would actually come out the winner in every armed conflict? And what would be the mental toll of hearing the last gasp from kids whose base crime was not having a decent family?"