The Daily Geek: Walter White As Lex Luthor(?), Marvel's Movie Plans, And More

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TOO OBVIOUS? Is Bryan Cranston up for the role of Lex Luthor in "Batman vs. Superman"? I'd rather see him reprise his role as the new Commissioner Gordon. He previously voiced the part in "Batman Year One."

MARVEL MOVIE MANIA! Wired spoke to Marvel movie man Kevin Feige about how Marvel pulled off its crazy shared universe and what plans the comapny has for the future. Nova? Captain Marvel? The Defenders?

HOW DO YOU MAKE THOSE WONDERFUL RECOMMENDATIONS? Here's a look at the science behind Netflix's recommendation algorithms.

WIN SOME CRAZY! Topless Robot is giving away "The Tommy Wi-Show" on DVD featuring "The Room" mastermind Tommy Wisseau. You can win one of three prizes and all you have to do is:

...create your best Tommy Wiseau meme, bearing in mind that almost every possible Room meme has already been done, so you'll get bonus points for using images of Tommy in other things like "The Tommy Wi-Show," and of course you can create your own backgrounds for him as well. Be sure the image shows up in comments, and bear in mind that by entering, you grant me permission to use your meme on our social media channels.

The contest ends Aug. 14th at 11:59 p.m. Post your entries here.

THE RISE AND FALL OF PAN MAN! I recommend you play the very odd pancake flipping game "Pan Man" if only to experience the existential misery.

I LOVE THIS A LOT! Check out this great looking poster for "Elysium" created by designer Sam Smith. He also lays out the history of the "big head" look in many movie posters.

IF YOU GET ONE OF THESE YOU SHOULD BE PUT ON A WATCH LIST! The company High Roller USA is producing a Big Wheel for adults!

I NEED TO SEE THIS NOW! Watch Joaquin Phoenix fall in love with a computer in this lovely trailer for Spike Jonze's new film "Her."

'Til tomorrow, gang!


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