Who Should Be The Next Batman? [POLL]


Photo By: Jason Merritt Getty Images Entertainment

According to The Hollywood Reporter over the weekend, Zack Snyder and team are looking for a slightly older actor to don the rubber mask to face the Big Blue Boy Scout in the "Dark Knight Returns"-inspired "Batman vs. Superman."

Not all the actors on THR's shortlist are over (gasp!) 40, but rumored frontrunner Josh Brolin is 46 years old, masculine as heck, and a gosh-darned grown up. This would be a shocking departure from standard superhero casting that often skews younger, boyish, and less gravitas-ified. I would love to see Brolin take on the role, especially if he's playing the crazier, angrier Bruce Wayne/Batman from Frank Miller's iconic tome. Also, how fun would it be to knowing that Brolin was married to Ma Kent actress Diane Lane? That would add a weird and juicy layer to all the super-heroic fisticuffs.

But who from the rumored rundown do you want to see strap on the cape, cowl, and Schumacher-esque nipples as the next Dark Knight? Vote in our poll below!

Who Should Play Batman?