Battle Arena Otaku Fight! Fight!: MewThree (Pokémon X and Y) vs. DC Comics Domo


Welcome to 2013's Battle Arena Otaku Fight! Fight!, MTV Geek's annual brawl between the biggest and best in characters from anime, manga, and Japanese pop culture characters. Not only will we get a chance to spotlight some of most interesting, most intriguing, or simply odd characters from 2013, but it's also a chance to you to have your voice heard. You know the drill: we'll present the matchup, and you the reader will get to choose which character comes out on top. So which mech, heroine (or hero), monster, or mascot will come out on top this year?


It's monster vs. monster as a new, horned form of classic Pokémon Mewtwo goes up against the DC Comics versions of Japanese mascot Domo!

Mewthree evolves the classic pocket monster for this October's "Pokémon X" and Y," updating the feline-ish beast for a new generation of gamers. Mewtwo has always been one of the more fascinating Pokémon in terms of narrative and pure threat, a Frankenstein's monster with the usual grudges--will the same hold for its current incarnation? Since the latest Pokémon title won't be out until later this year, we're not sure what Mewthree will have to offer--but we're sure he'll be hard to find.

You wouldn't have trouble finding Domo this year: the brown beast was wearing DC colors this year as the publisher licensed out designs based on Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, and the Flash for Domo. Can Domo even say the Green Lantern oath? That's a weird one to think about. The franchise mash-up was a big deal for many of you out there, and introduced a new legion of fans to one of last year's contenders for the Arena title.

Will a DC team-up help Domo move to the next round? Or will the might of mysterious Mewthree stop him in his tracks?

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MewThree VS Domo

Polls close Sunday, August 18 at 11:59pm EDT!

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