OFFICIAL: Peter Capaldi Is The New Doctor On 'Doctor Who'


After furious speculation, a heated few days, and multiple sonic screwdrivers broken in half due to stress, we finally know who the next actor to play The Doctor on Doctor Who is. It's Peter Capaldi.

And yes, we called it a few days ago with our joke, and even followed up with a thought that he might be The Master. But he's now the 12th Doctor, and we think - frankly - that's a fantastic choice. For those of you who don't know Capaldi's work, here's a rundown:

He's probably best known as Malcolm Tucker on the BBC show 'The Thick Of It' and spin-off movie 'In The Loop'. Both are political satires by Armando Iannucci, who went on to create 'Veep' on HBO. The fast talking, hard cursing creation is an iconic TV character, and now, of course, Capaldi is taking over as ANOTHER iconic TV character with a far more family bent.

Doctor Who viewers might also know him as Caecilius, from the 2008 episode 'The Fires of Pompeii', though despite the time warp that creates, it's not the first time Who has recycled actors from its past for more center roles. Freema Agyeman, who went on to play Companion Martha Jones, first appeared on the show in another bit role, among many other actors who also jumped into bigger (and sometimes smaller) roles.

Movie audiences might recognize him from a part as a W.H.O. Doctor in 'World War Z' (seriously), and he'll be in the upcoming, villain-centric 'Maleficent'. But the best argument for Capaldi as the Doctor? He's a theater lifer who's appeared on stage numerous times to critical acclaim - and despite Malcolm Tucker, is reportedly a very, very nice guy.

We can't wait to see what he does with the role. What do you guys think? Is Capaldi the right choice for Who?


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