12 Things to Do While You Wait for the 12th Doctor Announcement


By Katherine Erlikh

The time has come; the BBC has announced in its announced announcement that they will announce the name of the 12th Doctor on Sunday. Naturally, this has been hailed with a universal chorus of pterodactyl shrieks directed into the void that is the Internet. Really, what with the royal baby and the Sherlock trailer and the Doctor Who announcement, the United Kingdom has got a global monopoly on announcements this month, and we’re all pretty okay with that. Following the announcementception, the faithful Whovians gathered before the (physical and metaphorical) steps of the BBC Headquarters to await the plume of TARDIS-blue smoke that would rise from the cupola and spell out the new Doctor’s name in the sky.

Of course, now that everyone’s gathered and waiting for the moment the BBC make their announcement with bated breath, we need something to do before we lose what little sanity we have left and break Tumblr again. Here’s a list of twelve good suggestions for what you could do while waiting for the Doctor Who announcement:


1. Make pterodactyl sounds into the void

You don’t know who it’s going to be or what’s going to happen (cue panicked people sobbing into a TV reporter’s microphone, “I hope they bring back David Tennant!”) and the best way to let off all that steam is to shriek into a void (like the internet) until that feeling of a thousand miniature winged Slitheen fluttering around in your heart goes away.


2. Rewatch all your favorite episodes

The best way to prepare yourself for the upcoming changes is to watch all of your favorite episodes… or as many as you can cram in the time left until the new Doctor is announced. Doctor Who marathons can solve almost all of your problems, don’t you know that?


3. Plan a grand Whovian Announcement Get-Together

The best way to mark the coming of a new era and a new Doctor? Get all of your friends who love the Who, and boogie down like it’s 2005. Check out the guide on how to plan a Whovian gathering with less than a day to go here.


4. Sob in pain and consider curling up into a ball because you’re not ready to say goodbye to Matt Smith yet

All of the cries. All of the feels. Let them out as you weep and curse the cruel gods that part you from the current doctor.


5. Open up a betting pool with your friends for who the Doctor is going to be

For the record, my money’s on Misha Collins.


6. Engage in wild speculation

Well, what else is there to do? You’ve gathered an army of Whovians in one room (if you followed number 3 on this list, that is) and you’ve taken bets and you’ve wept… time to decide what the odds are of Steven Moffat deciding that the Doctor needed to resemble an Ood for this regeneration.


7. Wonder if we’ll ever get Superwholock

I think this is really why we all want Misha Collins to be the Doctor. That way, the dream of Superwholock will be one step closer, and the Angel will have the TARDIS… I’ll see myself out now.


8. Fish fingers and custard

Do I even have to explain it?


9. Construct a large Dalek out of whatever you have on hand

Straw… pillows… rubble… space debris… the headless corpse of Jack Harkness… you know, that kind of stuff. All of it is more than appropriate construction materials for building a Dalek.


10. Attempt to time-travel to the exact moment the announcement is made

Do this to avoid all of the painful waiting and boredom that come with waiting. Bonus points if you try to squeeze yourself into your TARDIS nightlight because “it should have been bigger on the inside!” Once you’ve failed, sulk and shoot the wall. The wall obviously had it coming.


11. Gather a Cyberman army, march on BBC headquarters

It’s hard to handle all of that excitement. Why not attempt to take over the world while you’re livetweeting your waiting, and gather an army? You’ll be all set for world domination, as long as the BBC don’t have an angry green giant…


12. Sit patiently in front of the television, waiting for the exact moment the announcement will air

Do this for hours. It's almost time...