'Game of Thrones': Top 10 Ways To Get Your Dose of Westeros Until Season 4


By Amber Lena

Are your Sunday evenings feeling a little empty? Is your life devoid of Starks, Lannisters, and Targaryens? Now that San Diego Comic-Con is over, there isn't a whole lot to look forward to in the world of "Game of Thrones" until Season 4 airs sometime in Spring. While you're probably currently fighting back the urge to sob miserably into your pillow, there are plenty of ways to get your Westeros fix between now and when Season 4 finally premieres. Here are a few ideas to get you through the next several months.


10. Read all the books... again.

If you haven't read the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series yet, here's your chance! You have a full seven months or so to devote yourself to getting through the first five volumes. This is a great opportunity to avoid suffering through another Red Wedding fiasco. If you've already read the series, why not read the books again? After now having seen the series, perhaps you'll see events in the book in a whole new light. If nothing else, all the differences between the two versions will give you plenty to complain about for the next few months.


9. Drink like a Baratheon.

Take a page out of good ol' Robert's book. Re-watching all three seasons is an obvious solution to "Game of Thrones" withdrawals, so spice it up this time around by creating your own drinking game. Some suggested rules:

  • Drink when Robert does
  • A drink every time there's a direwolf on the screen
  • Drink when Jon Snow looks emo
  • Do a Shot for catchphrases: "Winter is coming", "A Lannister always pays his debts", etc.
  • A drink for every death, both minor and major (May the Seven have mercy on your liver during Blackwater Bay)

If you play by any of the above rules, we suggest you get your liver examined afterwards.

Game of thrones cookbook

8. Throw a Party, Westeros Style.

Invite over all your 'Game of Thrones'-obsessed friends then eat, drink, and brawl. There's already an official "Game of Thrones" Cookbook, so you don't have to worry about digging up medieval recipes. Go out and buy the finest Dornish wine (or the $2 variety, depending on your budget) and host a party even the Dothraki would envy. [Watch our "Cooking with Thrones" for plenty of delicious tips! - Ed.]

game of thrones ascent

7. Play "Game of Thrones: Ascent" until your eyes bleed

We mentioned Ascent back during our SDCC coverage. It’s a nifty little game where you can create a character in the land of Westeros, become a lord or lady, and play along with the "Game of Thrones" storyline. There are also plenty of side quests that allow you to interact with friends (or, if you’re totally antisocial, you don’t have to interact with anyone else). Warning: This game is addictive. You’re totally going to become one of those people who has to log on at regular intervals to collect your silver and upgrade your buildings. The land of Westeros isn't going to conquer itself, after all.

Bonus: If you're not much of a computer gamer, there's always the "Game of Thrones" RPG for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. This is also playable until your eyes bleed.

A Pimp Named Ty-Back

6. Work your favorite quotes into daily conversation.

Challenge your friends! Give yourself a point for every quote you work in seamlessly, take away a point every time someone calls you out for quoting the show. Bonus points if no one questions your sanity as you run around screaming Valar Morghulis.

Factory Entertainment - Game of Thrones Direwolf Cubs

5. Obtain a pet direwolf

Okay, so direwolves don't exist and actually owning a wolf is all kinds of illegal in most places. You can, however, adopt a pet wolf through the World Wildlife Fund or one of several localized organizations dedicated to protecting wolves. They'll send you a little adoption certificate and everything. It's basically the same as owning a direwolf, right?


4. Once a proper level of desperation has been reached, dabble in fan fiction.

Listen, it takes a special kind of needy to fill the void left by a favorite show by reading fan fiction. We all know that the ratio of good stories to bad stories for any fandom is minuscule at best. However, desperate times call for desperate measures. Besides, you know that moment in "The Bear and the Maiden Fair" when Margaery tells Sansa that women like all sorts of men, and some even like pretty girls and you found yourself screaming "I ship it!" at your TV screen? There's fan fiction for that. Read it, write it, let the AU stories repair the wounds of your heart.

game of thrones awesome cosplay


3. Work diligently on your cosplay

Whether you're attempting to take the black with a Night's Watch uniform or if you're opting for one of Daenerys' lovely gowns, a truly amazing cosplay takes hours to complete. With Season 4 months away, this is a great time to whip up an appropriate outfit for that season premiere party you're probably already planning. Besides, Margaery's looks are so in for this season.


Empower Network

2. Start a Season 4 vision board

Perhaps you're one of the fans who is less than pleased with the casting of the Red Viper. Maybe you're really hoping your favorite minor character will make the cut. Or, maybe you're still trying to figure out who the heck Mark Gatiss will be portraying. Whatever your reasons, fire up Pinterest or pull out the magazines and glue and create your very own Season 4 vision board. You can fill it with all the hopes and dreams that you already know will get destroyed anyway.

1. Watch the In Memoriam from SDCC over and over again.

You'll chuckle, you'll cry bitter tears, you'll relive all the worst moments from the first three seasons. However, if you can train yourself to get through it without feeling, you'll totally be prepared for Season 4, right? RIGHT?

Probably not, but it's worth a shot.

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