Supernatural's Misha Collins Is The New 'Doctor Who'! (And Other Lies From Twitter)


Way, way back, like, a week or two ago at San Diego Comic-Con, our intrepid blogger and Supernatural super-fan Amber was pulled onto the MTV livestream to interview stars Mark Sheppard and Misha Collins. There, she asked Misha the obvious question: would he be the next Doctor, on Doctor Who? The erstwhile angel had no idea there was a campaign in place to get him into the TARDIS back then, but as of today, he was ready to reveal it was all a ruse:

Okay, so he's probably not trading in his Supernatural trenchcoat for a... Well, another trenchcoat. But this was just one of the fun, fantasy castings for the new Doctor put forward on Twitter today. Here's some of YOUR top picks for television's newest Time Lord:

...And Anne Hathaway as his Companion, Tom Hardy as a Cyberman, and Gary Oldman as Brigadier Stewart. Sold!

Marvel's Loki was a pretty frequent choice from a number of you... Though we love the idea of Michael Fassbender, mainly because The Doctor traveling through time hunting Nazis would be pretty sweet.

Actually, Dr. House, M.D. was rumored for a time to be jumping into Matt Smith's time-shoes, but that was debunked. We'd love to see a cranky, older Doctor, of course; plus Laurie is hilarious, AND can sing. Could we finally get that Doctor Who musical episode with John Barrowman if Laurie took over? All signs point to this is definitely happening.

Fun Fact: Miller actually appeared on Doctor Who as a kid, in the 1982 episode "Kinda." So he's kinda already been the Doctor, know what I mean?

No, it's not.

Sure, if you want a Doctor who will scold you for being frivolous. Seriously, though, we love the idea of Watson jumping into the TARDIS - and given all the buzz about a potential female Doc earlier this year, we're surprised there weren't more suggestions of this ilk.

Yeah, we do know. We're still holding out hope that the Eleventh Doctor regenerates into the Twelfth Doctor. A) That would be a shocking twist, B) it would give Smith a chance to continue in the role while playing a totally "new" character, and C) okay fine, that will never happen.

Stay tuned to MTV Geek throughout the weekend as we go Who crazy - and come back tomorrow (Sunday, August 4th) as we live-blog the announcement, starting at 2pm EDT!