Top 10 ‘Kick-Ass’ Cosplayers That Totally Kick Ass!

Since the heroes and villains from the “Kick-Ass” movies are essentially just regular guys and gals in costume, that makes dressing up as the characters ever more awesome. You yourself are just an average person who wants to save the world while masked – or destroy it if you’re going for the Red Mist method. Either way, no matter which side you choose, you look awesome doing it. So to celebrate the release of “Kick-Ass 2,” we give you the Top 10 Kick-Ass cosplayers.

10. School-Girl and Kick-Chucks

Cosplay Island

Major points won for Hit-Girl being around the same age, points off for wearing the wrong footwear as Kick-Ass.

9. Female Seeing Red

Pirate Pin Cushion

There’s no doubt that this Red Mist could teach the real one a thing or two about being an evil villain.

8. Stand Strong

Pianeta Fumetto

He’s ready and taking names. Wonder what shoes he has on…

7. Locked and Loaded

Deviant Art

Give it up for the school girl nobody is messing with today, tomorrow, or any day for that matter.

6. Best Friends Forever

Deviant Art

That looks like one of those bestie pics from the mall, right? Yeah, like Hit-Girl would ever go for that.

5. Armed and Dangerous


He looks like he’s ready to take on the evildoers.

4. Hit-Woman

Comic Book Movie

Looks like she’s all grown up.

3. Red Mist on Fire

Deviant Art

We love you Red Mist, but this guy’s giving you a run for your money.

2. Lady Kick-Ass

Geeksplode, Tumblr

That sounds like some royal name, but this one makes you wish Kick-Ass was a girl from the start.

1. Gang’s All Here


You can’t top having all three, and that look on Hit-Girl’s face – she’s over it.

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