'Doctor Who Live: The New Doctor' Liveblog!


Sunday, August 4th at 2pm ET, BBC America will be simulcasting the worldwide announcement of who is playing the new Doctor on Doctor Who. So grab your sonic screwdriver, some fish sticks and custard, and get ready to follow along with our liveblog of the special! Newest updates will be up top, oldest on the bottom. We'll be live with some comments and countdown starting at 1:30pm, so feel free to join in then:

2:33 PM: And that's it! Capaldi gets covered in blue confetti, and much hugging all around. What do you think, good choice, folks? Or the best choice?

2:32 PM: "As a fan, I think it's a really canny choice," says Smith in a taped announcement.

2:32 PM: "The reason Doctor Who is still with us is because of every single viewer who watched it... And took it into our hearts. Doctor Who belongs to every one of us." - Peter Capaldi

2:30 PM: At age 15, he wrote a paper to say he hoped there would be a 50th Anniversary special for Doctor Who... And now he's the Doctor.

2:29 PM: Peter Capaldi had his phone on silent when he got the call. His agent called, and said, "Hello Doctor."

2:28 PM: "Even though I'm a lifelong Doctor Who fan, I haven't played the Doctor since I was nine." - Peter Capaldi

2:27 PM: Here's your new Doctor, everyone:



2:25 PM: Moffat trolling that there is a woman Doctor, or an older Doctor. "I think it's time the Queen was played by a Man," jokes Moffat.

2:25 PM: Moffat made a home video of the new Doctor and showed it to people to get 'em approve.

2:24 PM: Zoe is introducing known liar Steven Moffat now, who is also not in the studio. PAY FOR SOME PLANE TICKETS, BBC.

2:22 PM: Other guy is Rufus Hound, a UK comedian. I continue to be ridiculously Ameri-centric and a jerk, so I'm sorry, Rufus. Come by the MTV offices for hot dogs and apple pie any time you want.

2:21 PM: Cribbins is talking about how he actually was up for the Doctor at one point. He would be a GREAT Doctor.

2:20 PM: It's Donna's Dad, Bernard Cribbins! And another guy.

2:19 PM: Isn't it time for a Dalek Doctor?


2:18 PM: Not that you shouldn't be reading this live-blog, but if you want to watch and don't get BBC America (or BBC [or Space {or ABC Australia]]), here's how.

2:17 PM: Another package about the Doctor's regenerations - and his Companions... Probably a setup for some Companions to come out?

2:16 PM: Zoe Ball is announcing that the new Doctor is in the building, and casts doubt that the Doctor may be a lady. But let's be honest: probably not.

2:15 PM: "It's been a really cool job. It'll be hard to top." - Matt Smith

2:13 PM: Seems like Smith has double confirmed the new Doctor is a guy...

2:12 PM: We're getting a compilation reel with Matt Smith... Is he not in the studio? BECAUSE HE'S THE 12TH DOCTOR AND REALLY IN THE TARDIS???

2:11 PM: "When you gotta go, you gotta go" - Matt Smith.

2:10 PM: Actually, how fun would it be if this Roche kid was the new Doctor, and he was just there the whole time? Though, I don't think it's time yet for a baby Doctor.

2:09 PM: Daniel Roche, who I believe is a giant baby with a deep voice, is talking about when he watched Doctor Who as a kid - which was five minutes earlier.

2:07 PM: "In a way, it's the longest job on television," says Fifth Doctor Peter Davison. "It's fantastic.

2:07 PM: I've just been informed that you all died of alcohol poisoning.

2:06 PM: Drinking game: every time they say, "Who," drink.

2:05 PM: Chances the next Doctor is hanging over the crowd in the TARDIS? Pretty good.

2:04 PM: Welcoming host Zoe Ball, who I will keep mixing up with stunt actor Zoe Bell, because I'm American and suck.

2:03 PM: Okay, starting for real with a rundown of what Doctor Who is. Because it's important to get casual viewers on board with this crazy inside baseball special.

2:02 PM: Maybe this title card is the new Doctor?

2:01 PM: ...And here's the fun of live shows. They don't always start on time.


1:57 PM: Bye-bye, 10th Doctor. Hello, 11. And next up, just a few short minutes until we find out who 12 is. Ack.

1:56 PM: Really pissed off the new Doctor probably isn't going to be an Ood. That's just racist.


1:53 PM: BBC America just showed a promo for the special, and I almost barfed from excitement. #professionaljournalist

1:51 PM: In case you missed it, here's who is showing up for tonight's special.

1:50 PM: Interesting... Seems after going for a long trenchcoat, and a dapper tweed coat, they're going for a new look for the new Doctor:

1:46 PM: Rumors that the new Doctor may be Aneurin Barnard are making me stressed out that I'll have to spend the next several years checking the spelling of Aneurin Barnard.

1:44 PM: Check out this look inside the (awesome looking) studio for the 12th Doctor reveal:

1:42 PM: I'm seeing a last minute push to get Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany confirmed as the new Doctor. Which we would love:

Watch: Doctor Who vs. Orphan Black

1:38 PM: Here's my current theory, which is probably wrong... How do you make a huge deal about this reveal, and then bring out an actor that nobody knows? You don't. It needs to be a huge, shocking, exciting thing for the entire international audience. That means a big star. Which of course, means:


1:34 PM: ...And now the TV is on. We're watching 'The End of Time,' and about to cry and cry as Tennant regenerates in Smith, and then cry some more and then oh no the feels.

1:31 PM: Now THIS is how you get ready for the announcement:

1:30 PM: It's a man, baby. At least according to the guy who photographed "him":

1:20 PM: 40 Minutes to go, and rumors are flying wildly that the next Doctor is Welsh:


10:00 AM: Until we get started, here's a picture of David Tennant with a kitten. Will this kitten be the new Doctor???



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