Counting Down To The Next Doctor: Our Top 12 'Doctor Who' Stories


With Sunday's big announcement pending, we figured it'd be fun to dig back through the the recent archives and pick out a few of our favorite "Doctor Who" stories to help you guys and gals get properly jazzed/initiated with all the wibbly and wobbly and timey and wimey hub-bub that'll be filling your Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr feeds come Monday morning.

In reverse chronological order!

12. Who Will Be The Next Doctor: 5 Realistic Contenders - We took a look at five very possible possibilities for the role of Doctor number 12.

11. Rumor: Is Peter Capaldi The New Master On 'Doctor Who'? - Sure, he's favorite for the role of The Doctor, but what if he's playing someone more...sinister?

10. Do "Leaked" 'Doctor Who' Script Pages Confirm Peter Capaldi As The New Doctor? - Okay, okay...we had a little fun with this one, but what if these were real leaked pages from the next "Who" series? It would certainly shake things the f**k up, eh?

9. SDCC 2013: 'Doctor Who' Panel Shows Off The Meeting Of Smith And Tennant - Our man at Comic-Con got a sneak peek at Smith and Tennant's first time in the TARDIS together during the SDCC panel.

8. SDCC 2013: Matt Smith Shares Advice For The Next Doctor: 'Whoever He OR SHE May Be' - Please note the "OR SHE"!

7. 'Doctor Who' Cosplayers React To Matt Smith's Departure - And To A New, Female Doctor - We broke some hearts when we spoke with "Who" cosplayers about Matt Smith's exit from the series.

6. Reaction To Matt Smith's Departure From 'Doctor Who' - Our own Aaron Sagers shares his reaction to the news of Smith's goodbye.

5. The Sixth Doctor Speaks: Colin Baker On Matt Smith's Departure From 'Doctor Who' And what did 6th Doctor Colin Baker have to say about Smith?

4. Behind The Scenes With 'Doctor Who' Composer Murray Gold - We got to visit "Who" music man Murray Gold's studio and watch him record some of the sweet sounds of British sci-fi.

3. The 'Doctor Who' Fan Orchestra Performs 'Amy's Suite' - Speaking of music, watch this group of Whovians record a lovely rendition of "Amy's Suite."

2. Doctor Who' Meets The Disney Princesses - What happens when "Doctor Who" meets the Disney princesses? Lots of cool stuff.

1. Karen Gillan Sells Zombie Beauty Products - Sure, Karen Gillain has gone onto to bigger and balder roles as Nebula in "Guardians of the Galaxy." But the former Amy Pond won me over with this ad for zombie beauty products.

We'll be with you live for the big announcement on Sunday August 4 at 2pm EDT!


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