The Daily Geek: Much More 'Avatar,' Justin Bieber Is V, And More

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ALL AVATAR ALL THE TIME! James Cameron announces 5,000 more "Avatar" movies!

COULROPHOBIA! What is the psychology behind a fear of clowns?

THAT'S ONE BIG ROBOT! Here our first look at the scale of Sentinels in "X-Men: Days of Future Past."

PRETTY PICS! Check out National Geographic’s 2013 Photo Contest Winners.

WHO NEEDS STRUZAN WHEN YOU'VE GOT PHOTOSHOP! This new "Thor: The Dark World" poster would be awesome if Drew Struzan painted it.

DRINK THE KOOL-AID! Film School Rejects takes a look at the recent rise of intentionally bad movies.

HI HI HI THERE! Why did Stanley Kubrick chose to ban "A Clockwork Orange" in the U.K.?

BUTT DEMON! Watch the trailer for the zany horror-comedy "Bad Milo" starring Ken Marino.

REMEMBER, REMEMBER... Here's a picture of Justin Bieber wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. Ya know, just because.


'Til tomorrow, gang!


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