Do "Leaked" 'Doctor Who' Script Pages Confirm Peter Capaldi As The New Doctor?


With the announcement of Doctor Who's new star imminent, rumors have been swirling that 'The Thick Of It' star Peter Capaldi may be taking over the TARDIS in Matt Smith's stead. Well, as several leaked script pages from the first episode featuring the Twelfth Doctor have come into MTV Geek's hands - from an unnamed source - we can confirm that it's looking even more likely that's true.

Not only that, but we can also confirm a radical change in not just the direction of the show, but the setting, and the tone:

- The show will now be set, post-50th Anniversary Special, entirely on Gallifrey, home of the Time Lords.

- In fact, the show will focus entirely on Time Lord society, and specifically on The Doctor as he tries to navigate the tricky bureaucracy of Time Lord society.

- Furthermore, this is no longer a show for families. Far from it, and in fact, Head Writer Steven Moffat and company seem to be trying to capture the audience that will surely follow Capaldi over from his collaborations with creator Armando Iannucci.

While we weren't able to read the full script, here's the pages our spy was able to snap with his phone:




So there you go! It won't officially be announced until Sunday at 7pm BST, but you heard it here first on MTV Geek! More news as it breaks.