SDCC 2013: Kevin Smith And Jason Mewes Talk 'Clerks 3,' 'Plants vs. Zombies vs. Jay and Silent Bob'


Watch: SDCC 2013 - Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes Interview

Kevin Smith was joined by Jason Mewes during San Diego Comic-Con, and with Vin Diesel having just left the booth they were both a little starstruck.

Listen to the once and future Jay and Silent Bob talk about the unexpected success of their most famous characters, and the status of "Clerks 3."

"We're waiting, we're at the stasis period," Smith says about the current state of the long-in-development "Clerks 3." He says the script is written and it's out to the Weinstein Company, but he expresses his frustration about the waiting game filmmakers have to play in order to get their projects made.

If you'll recall, for some time, Smith has been talking up the multi-part hockey movie/possibly-maybe TV series "Hit Somebody" as his next and final film project. However, he's begun working on a new script, "Tusk," a human-walrus movie which he discusses a bit in the video. "It kind of stands besides 'Red State' as one of those 'captured' genre movies," Smith explains of the film, which sees a man captured and slowly transformed into a walrus.