Bronies Infiltrate The U.S. Air Force!


United States Air Force just got a little friendlier and a lot more magical after confirming the existence of a Brony squadron of pilots. These "My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic" fans are flying high with Equestrian pride at Vance Air Force base, adopting the sporty patches up above.


The Escapist reports that the patches were adopted by pilots in training at the Oklahoma Air Force base as a means of boosting morale. First Lieutenant Tom Barger told the site "Fostering camaraderie, morale and unity on a regular basis and through small means - like a tastefully humorous patch - enhances our ability to complete the mission when working as a team is essential."

Barger says his pilots weren't actually fans of the show prior to adopting the patch--the "My Little Pilot" design was one of several options available when the incoming class was allowed to select the one that they would wear during their training. For whatever reason, they chose the pink and purple design, ultimately becoming the Brony Squadron. Barger explains "[The class] thought it was so off the wall that it was hilarious ... They have embraced the irony and humor of the patch and in so doing have fostered closer ties with each other."

I'm not going to pretend to "get" the Brony phenomenon, but when a group of badasses adopts a children's cartoon as their badge of honor... that's kind of funny.

[Source: The Escapist via The Daily Dot]