Get Inside The Head Of Eddie Brock With 'Venom: Truth In Journalism'


"Hero stories," muses Ryan Kwanten's sleazy journalist character, "they tend to sell less than tragedies."

"Truth In Journalism" finds "True Blood" star Ryan Kwanten playing a funny, upbeat, and kind of scary guy doing the tabloid news beat on the streets of New York. What the camera crew following him around doesn't know is that Eddie's got more skeletons in his closet than he's letting on.

Warning NSFW language!

I'm impressed: the short really captures the personality of Eddie Brock, a self-serving, kind of crazy guy who's just charming enough to make you think there's something to his cynical b.s. In this case, it's a French documentary pair following him around New York as he dodges questions about his firing from the Daily Bugle. The Australian-born Kwanten makes Brock just enough of a twitchy, busy New Yorker, that it allows us to ease right into his crazy and utter corruption as "Truth In Journalism" progresses.

The short was produced by "Dredd's" Adi Shankar, and save for that little three minute bit at the end, perfectly conjures up the darkest side of New York in the late '80s (the short is set in 1988, around the time Venom was introduced in "Amazing Spider-Man."). Shankar also produced last year's Punisher short, "Dirty Laundry," which some of you really, really liked--you were wrong, but you really, really liked it.

Kwanten teamed up here with his "Knights of Badassdom" director Joe Lynch, and hopefully, "Truth in Journalism" will get someone out there to finally release the LARP-ing horror-comedy which also co-stars "Game of Thrones" actor Peter Dinklage.

I'm not sure that Sony, who holds the rights to Spider-Man and his supporting characters, would be up for a feature-length, R-rated thriller set in the '80s about Eddie Brock/Venom, but I can tell you I'd be into it.