Shout! Factory Bringing 'Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk' To Blu-ray And DVD


Marvel Knights Animation plans to bring that utterly bonkers moment where the Hulk ripped Wolverine in half in the Himalayas to the small screen this fall.

"Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk" adapts the 6-issue limited series which saw Ultimate Nick Fury send Wolverine after Bruce Banner/the Hulk to put an end to the good doctor after S.H.I.E.L.D. failed to execute him. You see, there was this whole thing where the Hulk rampaged through New York, killed thousands of people, and tried to murder Freddie Prinze Jr.

"Lost" and "Prometheus" writer Damon Lindelof was responsible for the script with Lenil Francis Yu on art for the oft-delayed series, which saw nearly four years between the publication of the second and third issues. It'll also require a little finessing of the backstory for viewers unfamiliar with Mark Millar's take on the Avengers and the Marvel universe.

You can read the full press release below. The disc will be available from Shout! Factory on September 10.

This Fall, Primetime Emmy® Award-winning television writer and creator Damon Lindelof (Lost) teams up with legendary artist Leinil Francis Yu (Secret Invasion) and superstar colorist Dave McCaig to bring to life the highly popular comic book series ULTIMATE WOLVERINE VS. HULK. This action-packed story brings two of Marvel’s greatest heroes—Wolverine and the Hulk—together like never before for their most brutal encounter yet in Marvel Knights Animation’s ULTIMATE WOLVERINE VS. HULK DVD debuting for the first time on home entertainment shelves nationwide on September 10, 2013 from Shout! Factory.

This highly anticipated Marvel Knights Animation series boasts unparalleled storytelling combined with rich visual animation and insightful bonus content. Featuring cover art illustration by Leinil Francis Yu, this deluxe DVD is collected in a unique comic book style packaging that bridges the comic book to DVD concept. Marvel Knights Animation’s ULTIMATE WOLVERINE VS. HULK DVD is priced to own at $14.97 SRP.

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An exclusive behind-the-scenes bonus content feature provides an intimate and retrospective look at the development and production process of this amazing story. Marvel Knights Animation remains true to the heritage of panel-by-panel graphic storytelling, boasting groundbreaking illustrations, sensational soundscapes, and of course, the explosiveness of the mighty Marvel universe. Behind every image and every word lies the genius of Marvel’s celebrated creators.


Dr. Bruce Banner (a.k.a. the Hulk) has been presumed dead since his execution, following his murderous rampage through Manhattan as the Hulk. But when reports start cropping up of an unidentified creature appearing around the globe, Nick Fury begins to get worried. Not because Banner can turn from man to unstoppable monster in seconds, but because Banner’s existence is the one secret that can bring down Fury. So Fury turns to the only man he can trust: Wolverine. And he’s only too glad to take care of Banner – by any means necessary.