The Daily Geek: Katy Perry REALLY Wants To Be A Replicant And More

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BABY YOU'RE A REEEEEEEPLICANT! Katy Perry is talking up playing Rachael in Ridley Scott's proposed "Blade Runner" sequel again. NextMovie spoke to her about this last year. Here's that video:

Watch: Katy Perry in 'Blade Runner'?

I'M TOTALLY STARTING A BAND CALLED 'BORIS KARLOFF'S GUACAMOLE'! Learn to make the "Frankenstein" actor's sherry-infused dip!

MY SIDE PROJECT IS GOING TO BE CALLED 'PETER DINKLAGE'S MUSTACHE'! This viral site for "X-Men: Days of Future Past" is great.

IT'S ARCHIE! The gang from Riverdale is getting animated for a new series.

MEH OF STEEL! What did Grant Morrison think of "Man of Steel"?

HICKMAN HELPS OUT! Jonathan Hickman created this handy list to help you figure out the reading order for his "Infinity" arc.

THE JOKERS! I love these pics of Brooklyn street toughs from 1959.

NECROLOGUE! The amazing Francesco Francavilla's "Black Beetle" is back in October!


A NEW DAWN IS UM...DAWNING! Watch the complete Comic-Con panel for "Dawn of the PLanet of the Apes."

'Til tomorrow, gang!


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