Is [SPOILER] Returning To The Bat Books?


And no, I don't mean Spoiler as in Stephanie Brown. We already got the standard "No" from Dan DiDio on that one. Find out who after the jump.


At the end of "Batman Inc" #13, the final issue of Grant Morrison's title, we learn that Ra's Al Ghul is a growing a whole bunch of "Sons of Batman" in his evil lair. I think it's safe to assume that these would be Damian Wayne: The New Batch, correct?

Now, if that's the case, what does it mean? Morrison said that he had no intention to bring back the spunky little assassin during his run. According to a chat with Newsarama:

Nrama: With all the escape hatches inherent in any Batman character's death — like Lazarus Pits and cloning — how will you feel if Damian gets brought back in the future?

Morrison: That wouldn't bother me at all, if it was done well and if someone really had a good idea for it.

But I don't imagine that's going to happen for awhile.

It's certainly not going to happen in my story. So all the people that are hoping for a happy ending for Damian can forget it.

But other writers? That kind of thing is beyond my control and beyond the scope of my story. There are always possibilities.

We try to close down a lot of possibilities before I leave. So the idea of Lazarus Pits and things kind of gets raised in the next issue.


But on the last page of "Batman Inc" #13 we see Ra's shouting "Sons of Batman. Rise!" at a bunch of "Matrix" looking test tube babies, one of whom bears a striking resemblance to Damian. Morrison didn't technically bring Damian back, but he did introduce the possibility of his return. Sure, these little fetal fellas can sit in their glass wombs for years. But what if they don't? What if someone's "really good idea" involved an army of Damian clones being born evil and attacking Gotham City?

In the upcoming "Forever Evil" arc, central character Nightwing is teased as to having something "terrible" happen to him. What if that terrible something comes at the hand of his kinda-sorta father's dead-but-now-a-clone son? What if it comes at the hands of an army of those clones? That could ratchet up the ol' trauma to 11, eh?

The "Damian: Son of Batman" mini-series from Andy Kubert will reportedly tell a story of "a possible future that may never be" in which Damian dons the cape and cowl of Batman and fights crime in Gotham. What if this is no longer a POSSIBLE future, but straight-up THE future for Damian? First he's cloned, then he goes bad, then he goes good, then he grows up and assumes Daddy dearest's mantle. Stranger things have happened, right?

Makes sense to me.