Is A New 'Crying Freeman' Adaptation On The Way?


A description of the 2014 film on Asian Media Wiki sure reads a lot like that of Kazuo Koike and Ryoichi Ikegami's '80s manga about a master assassin who weeps with every kill.

The brief plot synopsis describes the relationship between a killer ("May Way" and "Dangerous Liasons" actor Jang Dong-Gun) and his next target, a beautiful woman (Lim Soo-Jung from the excellent "A "A Tale of Two Sisters" and very acceptable "Woochi").

That's pretty much in line with the plot of the 1986-1988 manga "Crying Freeman," which sees a sensitive artist tattooed and hypnotized by the Chinese mafia into becoming a master assassin, who must kill the beautiful woman who saw him make one of his kills. It was later released as a six-part OAV as well as another live-action feature starring martial arts champion/"Iron Chef America" host Mark Dacascos in the mid-90's from "Brotherhood of the Wolf" director Christoph Gans. Its trailer was plenty pretty:

Dark Horse currently publishes the manga here in the U.S. and it's worth checking out, if only for Ikegami's striking character designs.

"Crying Man" director Lee wrote and directed the incredibly violent "The Man From Nowhere," about a traumatized Korean Special Forces officer eking out a meager existence as a pawn shop owner, before the kidnapping of a neighbors daughter sends him after the local heroin dealers. A lot of dead gangster in that very stylish 2009 film.

"Crying Man" will begin production this September, with a planned release date of sometime in 2014.