LCD Soundsystem's 'All My Friends'...With LEGO!


I'm kind of embarrassed to say that LCD Soundsystem is actually a pretty new discovery for me. I had always heard of James Murphy's band, but for whatever reason, I never pursued them. Recently, upon hearing “All My Friends” on constant replay by my wife, I learned that I should've been paying attention, and frankly, had been a fool for so long. LCD Soundsystem is great and "All My Friends" -- along with "New York, I Love You But You're Brining Me Down" -- are now frequent Spotify jams for me. So you can imagine how I'm kicking myself, especially now that the band is kaput.

LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends (in LEGO) by be_motion

But it was very surprising to see the above video by Michael J. Green that recreates the “All My Friends” music video with LEGO. The universe is reaching out with its synchronic (is that a word?) self and telling me, "Hey jerk, this is a killer band, and this video is killer, so good thing you're paying attention now. Jerk." Its also telling me, "LEGOs are cool. Go buy LEGOs."

Yes, Universe. I will.

Watch: MLCD Soundsystem - "All My Friends"

[Source: Laughing Squid]


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