Do 'Star Wars' Celebration 2015 Dates Offer Clues To The 'Episode VII' Theatrical Release?

Yesterday, the official "Star Wars" Twitter feed posted the message above, laying out the dates for the regular gathering of the series' faithful to bask in all-things Force-related. But in a followup press release thanking fans for attending this weekend's celebration in Europe, there's a little clue about the window in which we can expect to see "Episode VII" on the big screen.

"At the closing ceremonies, Lucasfilm announced that its next fan fest – Star Wars Celebration VII – will be timed to the theatrical release of Episode VII, and will be held in Anaheim, California from April 16-18, 2015."

That speaks, potentially, to a Friday, April 17th release date for the first entry in the new trilogy, although let's give it a little leeway and say it could make its debut the following week on the 24th. Right now, no other movie has laid claim to the month of April in 2015, and "The Avengers: Age of Ultron" has May 1st locked down (pretty much nixing my April 24th speculation). LucasFilm parent company Disney will want plenty of space for its other 800-lb gorilla this summer to potentially break all of the box office records, so they'll likely want to give "Episode VII" a couple of weeks without cannibalizing its ticket sales (did you know people who like "The Avengers" like "Star Wars?").

And don't forget, whatever spot Disney chooses will likely be on lock for the foreseeable future with their promise to release a new "Star Wars" movie every summer.

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