Bill Paxton Voices 'Head Smash' Graphic Novel Trailer [EXCLUSIVE]

Watch: Head Smash Trailer

How do you make your new graphic novel a smash success? Well, if you have already been getting good buzz from the likes of Variety and Entertainment Weekly, the next logical step might be an online trailer narrated by Private Hudson himself, Bill Paxton.

That’s the tact taken for “Head Smash,” a new sci-fi thriller that hits bookstores July 31. In this MTV Geek exclusive, Paxton voices the trailer which introduces readers to “Smash,” a disavowed soldier from the Horde crime ring who gets juiced with a super-serum and seeks vengeance against his former bosses.

A joint property co-written by Vlad Yudin, of the Vladar Company, and Arcana’s Erik Hendrix, the comic saw its big premiere at San Diego Comic-Con. And along with Paxton’s voice, “Head Smash” benefits from cover art designed by multiple Eisner Award winner Tim Bradstreet and a limited edition cover designed by Kanye West art director Joe Perez.

Though the majority of the public has yet to check out the book, Yudin and partner Edwin Mejia have been using cons to show it off, and it is already coming together as a movie with Yudin producing and adapting a screenplay, and “The Twilight Saga” producers Mark Morgan and Imprint Entertainment-chief Michael Becker on board along with Arcana’s CEO Sean Patrick O’Reilly.

The book drops this Wednesday.