The Daily Geek: Geeks Or Posers, Gosling's 'Star Wars' Response, And More

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GEEKS VS. POSERS! Josh Horowitz plays "Geeks or Posers" with a killer lineup of stars from San Diego Comic-Con. Ken Marino's Chewy wins.

Watch: 'Geeks Or Poseurs?' The 2013 San Diego Comic-Con Edition

HEY, GREEDO... Ryan Gosling says "heck no" to those "Star Wars" rumors.

I WOULD LOVE TO SEE MR. MXYZPLLK! Splash Page makes their picks for the baddies not named Lex Luthor or the Joker that should be in "Batman vs. Superman."

'COMMUNITY' IS DOOMED AND WE ALL KNOW IT! How will Dan Harmon and company deal with Pierce and Troy's exits from the series?

HE'S RIGHT! Henry Selick has some choice words for the American animation biz!

IT'S 'TERMINATOR' WITH ANGELS! "Legion" is coming to Syfy as a TV series.

THE TREND NEEDS TO RETURN! The AV Club takes a look at 22 animated spin-offs from live-action shows.

KICKSTART IT! Help make a doc about "the cultural impact of Back to the Future—30 years later—told from the viewpoint of the DeLorean Time Machine"!

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