John Williams Will Be Scoring 'Star Wars: Episode VII'... Of Course


What would "Star Wars" sound like without the familiar strains of composer John Williams? We won't be finding out anytime soon, since Disney and LucasFilm have announced that the prolific film composer will be responsible for the music in "Star Wars: Episode VII."

Here's an interview with the living legend confirming the news that just came out of Star Wars Celebration in Europe:

Williams has, of course, provided the music for all of the "Star Wars" movies to date, so it would kind of be rude to ask him to step aside for someone else. Joking aside, it's difficult to imagine the texture of the "Star Wars" universe without the sound of Williams' music accompanying it--the huge sweep and the big adventure sound we've come to associate with it over the years.

Williams also had some kind words about "Episode VII" director J.J. Abrams, comparing the director to George Lucas before adding that he couldn't personally think of anyone better to shepherd the series forward. Putting on my gossip's hat, I kind of suspect this was a move by Disney and LucasFilm to tamp down rumors that Abrams was off "Episode VII" or that there was any sort of friction in the 2015 production. Of course, it could just be a genuine sentiment from one professional to another, but the timing is suspect.

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