SDCC 2013: Steven Smith On A Conredible Comic-Con!



MTV Hosts Steven Smith and Josh Horowitz

By Steven Smith

Ding dong the con is done! And we did it like no other. For the first time ever, MTV Geek partnered up with MTV News and completely rocked the fudge out of San Diego Comic Con. Four days, seven hours a day live streaming for YOUR geek pleasure with wondrous highlights such as these:

- Tyler Posey and the entire “Teen Wolf” team showing once again how damn likeable they are on and off screen

- John “Sam the Slayer” Bradley poking fun at the drummer from Coldplay in the Red Wedding? Viva la What?

- “The Legend of Korra,” cast and creators, bestowing their white light upon me yet never stealing my interview bending ability aka I was so nervous I called Equalists – Separists and Iroh – Jiro. I AM A FAN, I WAS STARSTRUCK.

- Oh snap, the cast of “The Walking Dead” kept everything moving and showed the smiles behind the creepy. This season is a doozy.

- Kevin Smith and Steven Smith finally meeting and proving why god only named his favorites, Smith

- Brandon Sanderson delving into the paradox of continuing Robert Jordan’s unfinished work

- The cast of Orphan Black cementing why they are the best damn sci-fi show on the planet. If you don’t watch, the hell is wrong with you?

- Peter Linz and Stephane D’Abruzzo, puppeteers from the first all puppet Scooby-Doo movie bringing the felt to the party.

And the best story of the year is one you never saw on camera and one I shall do my darnedest to translate onto the printed webpage. During a rare break between interviews, myself and a few of the Geek team were chatting in the production office when we heard someone ask if it was alright to eat in there. We all grunted assent and proceed back to our conversation, which probably consisted of me swearing too much and being disgusting. I casually turned to see who was chomping down in our room and I noticed it was none other than James Howlett himself, Jean mother fracking Valjean, the Wolverine, Hugh Jackman, politely devouring a Tupperware container of asparagus and fish.

Our conversations turned to hushed whispering, our blog editor Eddie Wright walked back into the room, caught site of Hugh Jackman, and with the response of the millennium, said, “Okay” and proceeded back to his desk. What were we supposed to do? Break the tension of course, and that is my mutant ability.

“He can totally hear us!” I projected, which caused him to giggle. I moseyed over and asked how the con was going for him. “Good,” he replied in between bites. “Is Fox premiering any Days of Future Past footage?” I ask. “What? Just f**king Wolverine,” Hugh said with a grin. It was at that moment the mood, already light, rose to a brighter shade of awesome and we gathered around to chat with him. Our intrepid producer Alex Zalben had the brains to ask if he could take a picture of Hugh and I for our website. I grunted “okay,” beneath my super grin where afterwards I told Mr. Jackman something I always wanted to say. “You should have been the male lead in Down With Love and not Ewan McGregor.” Because when you’re in the middle of San Diego Comic-Con, the mecca for all things geek, it’s best to lead with how much you know about romantic musical comedy. To his beloved credit, Hugh Jackman smiled and said he agreed, that he met about that film but was told doing song and dance stuff wouldn’t play well for his X-audience. Pshaw!


Steven Smith and Hugh Jackman

Hugh was then ushered into the interview room, leaving all of us giggling and standing in the wake of his unbridled friendliness. I’ve heard for years how cool he was and it’s all completely true. Hugh Jackman is truly to movie stars what Dave Grohl is to musicians, the nicest man alive. He also confessed to peeing while wearing a Baby Bjorn but that’s another story.

San Diego is San Diegone for now, but we shall return, and bring forth the thunder once again! Oh yeah, we talked to Jack Black too.

Catch all the highlights here!

Watch: MTV's San Diego Comic-Con Live


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