2000AD Launches A Petition For 'Dredd' Sequel


It was only back in March that "Dredd 3D" producer Adi Shankar was declaring any hopes of a sequel to last year's film adaptation all but dead. Between its R-rating, the limited rollout of 2D prints of the film (some people didn't want to pay 3D prices for the movie), and maybe a little of the stink of 1994's "Judge Dredd," Lionsgate's "Dredd 3D" was D.O.A. at the box office.

But then, "Dredd 3D" became one of the most successful home video releases of the last year, and 2000AD, publisher of the "Judge Dredd" comics, thinks there's a good chance fans might be able to convince Lionsgate to make a sequel.

The publisher has launched a petition (check it out here) to let Lionsgate know fans would like to see a sequel. As of this writing, the "Make A 'Dredd' Sequel" Facebook page is nearing 44,000 likes and promoting the hell out of the DVD/Blu-ray.

Who knows? It's just crazy enough to work. In the meantime, 2000AD will be publishing an official comic sequel to the film this September -- a year after the film's theatrical debut.

[Source: Dark Horizons]