The Daily Geek: 'Breaking Bad' Cake, Fake Geek Girls, And More

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BEST CAKE EVER? At the "Breaking Bad" premiere party Vince Gilligan's severed head was served on a turtle, though it looks a little like John Hodgman to me.

NOTHING TO PROVE! The Doubleclicks wrote the anthem for the "Fake Geek Girl" and it's terrific!

AND I'LL FORM THE HEAD! Badass Digest tracks the mysterious origins of Voltron.

MUST-READS! Bookish created a solid list of comics you should pick up if you dig Wolverine. Happy to see "Scalped" and "Lone Wolf and Cub" on there.

ADAPT IT! The Dissolve lays out why Stephen King (as Richard Bachman)'s "The Long Walk" is ready for the movie treatment.

HAPPY FRIDAY, WE'RE ALL DOOMED! The North Pole is now a lake.

BUT WILL IT HELP ME REMEMBER MY ANNIVERSAY? BOOM! I'LL BE HERE ALL WEEK! Is memory implantation now real? io9 takes a look.

HELP STOP THE SPREAD! Only you can combat the Simian Flu!


KILLER COVER ART! Love this cover for the "Halloween 35th Anniversary" Blu-ray by Jay Shaw. Check out the artist's webpage here.


SDCC IS NICE WHEN THINGS LIKE THIS HAPPEN! Watch a giant mech befried a mini-Supergirl.

'Til Monday, gang!


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