SDCC 2013: 'Breaking Bad' Exclusive Walter White Figure Review


Photo Jul 24, 7 15 21 PM

With the pop-culture tornado, known as San Diego Comic-Con 2013, in the rear view, it's time to reflect upon the many awesome things that transpired at the show. The first thing on my list? The convention exclusive Walter White figure from Mezco Toyz, based on Bryan Cranston's character on AMC's "Breaking Bad". Read on for the pictorial review of everyone's favorite high-school teacher turned drug kingpin!

Photo Jul 24, 7 14 47 PM

This version of the figure (being released later in various shades of his Tyvek suit) shows it's con-only status from the get-go with this Los Pollos Hermanos slipcase.


Giancarlo Esposito poses with Mezco's 'Breaking Bad' toy at SDCC

Photo Jul 24, 7 15 21 PM

Photo Jul 24, 7 16 00 PM

Once the slipcase is removed, the familiar green color-scheme of the show's credits cover the window box. Walt is prominently displayed, along with his flasks and 55 gallon drum-- that's usually filled with acid-soaked bodies on the show. Walt is always killin' fools!

Photo Jul 24, 7 17 15 PM

Upon opening the figure, I noticed the insert shows the high-tech meth lab owned by the late, great, Gus Fring. Now, let's get into the contents of the box:

Photo Jul 24, 7 23 05 PM

Photo Jul 24, 7 19 48 PM

Photo Jul 24, 7 24 29 PM

Photo Jul 24, 7 31 19 PM

A 55 gallon drum, two flasks, a gallon jug (presumably full of acid), the Walter White figure, his eyeglasses, and his handy-dandy homemade flyswatter (Yes!) are all included. The accessories are all single pieces and are molded well. The flasks and jug are translucent with an added ring of white paint around the tops.

As for Walt:

Photo Jul 24, 7 25 27 PM

Yep, that's Bryan Cranston alright.

Photo Jul 24, 7 27 49 PM

Photo Jul 24, 7 27 10 PM

Photo Jul 24, 7 29 05 PM

Photo Jul 24, 7 28 43 PM

The sculpt for the figure is pretty much as perfect as can be. However, if you're looking for an "action" figure, prepare to feel some stomach-churning heartache. There are zero, ZERO points of articulation on this guy! While I was aware that there was going to be no leg articulation, the lack of a rotating head disappointed me (like it did with this guy), but considering Walt is going to be perched on a shelf for the rest of his days made it less of a big deal. Not like I was planing on having him fight it out with Wolverine -- s**t, now that's ALL I want to do!

Photo Jul 24, 7 30 40 PM

Photo Jul 24, 7 33 54 PM

From the clean paint, to the instantly recognizable sculpt and packaging, this figure definitely serves it's purpose. Plus, I have to admit, even without articulation, I'm pretty happy to have this guy in my collection.

For more on the "Breaking Bad" action figure line, including the upcoming Heisenberg version of Walt, be sure to keep an eye on Mezco Toyz' official website.

"Breaking Bad" returns to AMC, August 11th for the final 8 episodes in the series. I expect a lot of death.

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