SDCC 2013: Mattypalooza He-Man 'Masters of the Universe Classics' Reveals



Hardcore fans of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe got their fill at Mattel's "Mattypalooza" panel at San Diego Comic-Con this year.  We already talked about the Stan Lee-based "Standor" figure available only at Comikaze this November, and here's a look at the dozens of reveals for the rest of 2013 and the first part of 2014 -- including a number of long-demanded characters from the original action figure line, along with some characters who only ever appeared on the Filmation He-Man cartoon.  Don't worry -- we're here to help you out.

But first, here's the video that opened the panel, a fan-created He-Man-style rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody"...

The panelists made it clear that because of increasing shipping and manufacturing costs, they ramped up their timetable, planned through 2018, to finish out the characters from the original figure line through 2015.  So you're going to be seeing a LOT of long-requested figures from that line in this piece.

All right, here's the figure reveals.  Because there's multiple sources for the figures through (Club Eternia, Club Filmation, the non-subscription figures, etc.), a few were presented out of order, but here they are chronologically.

First, September has the Club Filmation Batros, which we've talked about before.


In addition, there's the Sky Sled, the classic mode of Eternian transportation from the old cartoon, with Sky-High, a jetpacked character only seen in the packaging art for the model version of the toy in the 1980s.  This is a non-subscription figure that must be ordered individually.



October?  Save y'all's pennies.  This is going to be HUGE.

For starters, there's the Club Eternia figure of Mantenna, the last of the original line of "Evil Horde" dudes.  And it's well worth the wait -- not does he have replaceable bugged-out eyes to mimic the original figure's action feature, he includes uniquely-sculpted four legs.  That and he looks creepy as hell!


It gets better, Horde fans -- there was a HUGE reaction from the audience to the long-awaited two-pack of Horde Troopers, the robotic runnin' crew of the Horde.  The two-pack includes a regular and battle-damaged trooper, along with four weapons (a freezing rod, a staff, a shield and the trademark Horde crossbow).  The packs will be part of the Club Eternia monthly shipment.


Continuing this overwhelming month is Club Eternia's Lord Dactys, an original character from the 200X He-Man cartoon.  Despite his fearsome appearance, he's actually a good guy, part of the underground race of Sub-Ternia.  Note how he reuses the wings from Draego-Man and Granamyr the Dragon.


And finally figure-wise, Club Filmation features Egyptian-esque villain Nepthu.


If you have no idea who this is, don't worry, neither did we.  It turns out he was the bad guy in Episode 50 of the original cartoon, "Temple of the Sun," which you can watch on Hulu here.

Outside of the club subscriptions, there'll also be a Weapons Pack featuring She-Ra's flying friend  Kowl, armor for Rattlor, Hurricane Hordak attachements for Trap-Jaw and Trap-Jaw attachements for Roboto, plus gold-colored weapons as "treasure' for Granamyr the Dragon to sit upon.

Y'all gon' be broke come November.

Speaking of which, November features for Club Eternia Geldor, a villain only seen in one of the original mini-comics that came with the 1980s figures.  (You can read it online here.)  If you know what "gelding" is, that makes the character's big ax all the more ominious, doesn't it?


The character was picked as a "Fan Choice" creation in a poll last year.  We'll reveal the winner of this year's fan poll at the end of this post!

Also in November, for subscribers only, is the Club Filmation figure of Sea Hawk, the heroic pirate love interest of She-Ra.


Dashing, isn't he?

Gosh, was there anything else happening in November?  I can't remember.

Oh, wait, a little something called CASTLE GRAYSKULL.

For three Benjamins, you can own this all-new version of the classic playset.  This was the subject of a massive pre-order drive last year, and while we feel sorry for those who impulsively ordered like three or four at $250 apiece and now have that on their credit cards, HOLY BEANS THIS IS AWESOME.

Mattel had a display piece of this at their booth, and it was so much fun!  There's hidden rooms, an elevator that goes to every floor,  a trap door to the dungeon, the opening Jawbridge, tons and tons of accessories and weapons, and that's not even getting into the sculpting.  You can have epic, EPIC battles with this baby.

We realize that most of you are technically too old to ask your parents for Castle Grayskull for Christmas, but explore all options...

Some stackable stands for figures round out the month, which leads us to a fairly offbeat Club Eternia figure for December...



Yes, he's an evil pink-purple bunny rabbit.

But he was one bad dude in his appearance in the animated series, "Quest for He-Man," where he was literally draining the life out of planets.  He's the scariest bunny since Frank from "Donnie Darko."  You can watch that episode on Hulu  here.

Also in December is another animated-only character as the final entry in Club Filmation, "Strong-Or"


Formally known as "Strongarm" (trademarks, etc.), he appeared as a one-off bad guy in the classic series with a telescoping cyber-arm that made him more of an evil counterpart to Fisto than the actual evil counterpart from the figure line, Jitsu.

That brings us on in to 2014!

Like Club Infinite Earths, fans can save on shipping by getting quarterly rather than monthly shipments (you can order them here and here).

There will be 12 monthly figures at $25 for subscribers ($27 day of), four quarterly items at $25/$27, one at $38/$42, and one at $40/$44, along with a holiday item at $35.  The subscriptions do not include potential weapons packs, vehicles, convention pieces and other stand-alone items.

Subscriptions are $25, which includes an exclusive figure of the Unnamed One, the mysterious creator of King Hsss and the Snake Men.  There was no picture given, and Mattel says fans won't find out what the Unnamed One looks like until it arrives on their doorstep, but it's almost 100% new parts, and features tons of details.  ANTICIPATION!

Speaking of which, let's get to the first Club Eternia figure of 2014...



The conjoined crony of Skeletor has long been demanded by both fans and sculptors the Four Horsemen, but his unique sculpt made him tricky.  Well, here he is (they are?), and they appear to be worth the wait.  Man, now if only there's a two-pack with their non-fused counterparts coming down the line...

February features a couple of long-demanded figures, starting with She-Ra's ally Glimmer, thus bringing the collection of the original line closer to completion...


For me, my favorite is the oversized $40 figure...


MODULOK (who was rather hilariously misspelled as "Modukok" in the panel slides.  The implications are horrifying.).

This was one of the greatest toys of the 1980s, made of interchangeable plastic parts (that were slightly waxy and fun to chew on, um, I've heard).  For years, I've been getting cheap loose bags of Modulok parts at shows to make a giant Modulok:


And now there's going to be a Four Horsemen-sculpted version with all the interchangeability of the original?  I WANT TWO.

Almost done with one month to go, March 2014's Club Eternia figure, He-Man's "New Adventures" ally Hydron...


And finally, the traveling convention figure for smaller shows in 2014, Goat-Man.


Once again, you might find yourself asking, "Who?"  Well, he appeared in a Golden Book He-Man story in the 1980s that you can read here.

And for subscribers, there's a map of the Horde Empire, because in Mattel's words, "You can't have Masters of the Universe without a universe." DRHM Storefront Site matty pb multimedia Mattypalooza-20131.pdf (4)

Oh, and there were a couple teases of upcoming figures.  To wit:

The fan-selected figure was announced as Huntara.


At the panel's end, there was an almost-subliminal flash of a red tail, which suggests the long-awaited Scorpia, She-Ra's Horde foe in the animated series...

scorpia (1)

And finally, on Sunday, Mattel had this mysterious sword in their booth...


...which suggests they're finally going to make a figure of Blade, Skeletor's one-eyed swordsman in the 1987 Dolph Lundgren film.


WHEW!  That is a ton of figures, and there's even more to be announced later this year!

Which figures have them the most excited?  What characters still figure-less would you like to see?  Let us know!

Watch: SDCC 2013: Matty Collector Interview


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