SDCC 2013: Mattel's Mattypalooza Highlights DC Comics And Ghostbusters



Mattel's "Mattypalooza" panel at San Diego Comic-Con announced so many great new figures for that it's going to take a few posts to get through them all!  First up: Their new toys for the DC Club Infinite Earths, "Watchmen" and "Ghostbusters!

Club Infinite Earths announced a number of new DC figures for the rest of 2013 and the first part of 2014.  First for September 2013 is the Huntress, in her Jim Lee-designed costume that can't offer much protection from small arms fire.


You better BELIEVE girl comes with her crossbow!


Then in October, it's Aquaman's very messed-up half-brother Ocean Master.  He's only gotten one figure before, in the DC Direct line.


Then in November, it's one of Batman's deadliest enemies, Ra's al Ghul, designed in the style of his original design by Neal Adams.  The only other time he's been depicted that way was in a direct-market-only "Batman: The Animated Series" pack that I found loose once because I'm cool.


And rounding out 2013, it's the Bizarro Batman -- Batzarro!


The 2014 Club Infinite Earths announcements included some changes to the existing model, which we'll get into here.

Subscriptions are now available for $35, with characters shipping either monthly or in bulk quarterly.  You can order those respective subscriptions here and here, and they are available through August 19.    Figures will be $20 each for subscribers ($23 for day-of sales), with a $35 exclusive figure covered by the subscription fee.  We'll get to that in a moment...

First, in January, comes the 1990s-style Aquaman with harpoon-hand!


Then in February, you can pair your Justice League International Fire with her sweet-natured counterpart, Ice!


And in March, the first quarter of 2014 wraps up with the Conner Kent Superboy!


Now, let's get to the subscription exclusive options.  MattyCollector is taking a cue from Kickstarter by offering two "tiers" of figures, contingent on how many subscriptions are sold.  The first will be an imprisoned version of Superman-killer Doomsday, the first time the character has been seen in his virtual straightjacket.  Should enough subscriptions be sold, there'll also be an "Unleashed" Doomsday in all his glory.  The figure is almost 100% "tooled" (original parts sculpted for the figure, as opposed to re-using/re-painting parts from existing figures) according to sculptors the Four Horsemen, and will also be proportioned in "Kilowog" scale to tower over the six-inch figures.


The "Club Black Freighter" figure line will also wrap up with the Comedian in September 13, complete with shotgun and flamethrower to horrifically barbecue Vietnamese with (the figure's stand was not pictured...


...and with Ozymandias in November to plot the end of the world. He even comes with a variant "masked" head, to recall more innocent times.

Some sweet prop replicas we talked about before were announced, including the Batman '66 utility belt and the "Ghosbusters" Ecto Goggles.  And an all-new "Ghostbusters" prop replica was announced -- THE PROTON WAND.

The piece will retail for $130 and be available in October 2013.  It includes lights, sounds, a "rumble kick" to get that ghost-blastin' feeling, plus a meter to gauge how much power you're puttin' into this.


Now, there are NOT currently any plans for a Proton Pack replica...but Mattel's come prepared.  The piece is designed so that if one does get made down the road, there's a bit at the end of the Proton Wand that could plug into said pack.  So buy the hell out of these if you want to see that!

Also, and this is pretty mad awesome -- if you get more than one of these and cross the streams...well, you KNOW you're not supposed to do that.  And the wands will respond in turn with unique lights and sounds so, in Mattel's words, “You’ll know that you’re doing something wrong.”

Of course the BIGGEST announcement was a pre-sale for ECTO-1, the Ghostbusters' fly hoopty.  At $215, this is going to be a chunk out of the wallets for fans, so to make it feasible, it will only be available if it meets a certain quota for pre-orders.  Here's where you can pre-order it.


The piece will be even bigger than the '66 Batmobile (and having picked one up at the show, we can say that's HUGE), and as separate orders or as add-ons, you can get six-inch Peter and Ray figures with removable Proton Packs to ride in it.  It'll also include  lights, sound, an opening truck, rolling wheels...and Mattel even went on the studio lot to photograph the ORIGINAL ECTO-1, so you KNOW this is movie-accurate.

Of course, it'll only get made if enough fans plunk down $215.  That's a chunk, but dang, that would look SO GOOD next to our Mach 5, DeLorean, A-Team van and multiple Batmobiles...we have a problem.

That's not all -- there were SO MANY great new "Masters of the Universe Classics" figures revealed that we had to give them THEIR OWN POST!  Keep reading, folks!


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