SDCC 2013: Dan DiDio: Stephanie Brown Was Supposed To Return In 'Forever Evil'


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Look, it's San Diego Comic-Con, you've got Dan DiDio on the microphone, so why not ask him the status of the popular DC Comics character. While he was still a bit cagey about what's happening with Stephanie Brown in the revamped DC Universe, he cautioned fans that it's better that she show up later than when originally planned in the line-wide "Forever Evil" event.

"The same thing that's going on with Wally West, Donna Troy, and Cassandra Cain, probably," DiDio quipped when asked about the status of the one-time Robin. Those characters, all sidekicks and alternate versions of existing DC heroes, have yet to be introduced into the New 52, nearly two years after its launch. The DC Comics co-Publisher added that Stephanie Brown's name does come up frequently in meetings, but that they have yet to find a place for her in the universe.

He and Lee then chuckled when hinting that fans would probably be happier that she didn't make it into the seven-issue "Forever Evil" event focusing on the villains of the DCU. Were he and Lee just having fun at some of the more vocal fans' expense? It's hard to imagine DC bringing Spoiler back -- a beacon for readers frustrated with the constant stream of dead or abandoned female characters in the DC Universe.


Brown, daughter of a supervillain, famously took over the mantle of Robin when then-boyfriend Tim Drake heads off on a secret mission, ultimately dying in her Spoiler identity under torture. Except that she didn't, and it was all a cruel ruse by Leslie Tompkins, and the whole thing was a fan-frenzy-creating mess in every direction.

DiDio added that readers could look forward to more Batman titles in the future, so maybe Spoiler will show up in one of those?

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