SDCC 2013: Dan DiDio Confirms One 'Green Lantern' Color Corps To Be Destroyed


Watch: Dan DiDio Says One Lantern Corps Is Destroyed

While chatting during an MTV San Diego Comic-Con Livestream interview, DC co-publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee talked the October crossover coming to the "Green Lantern" comics that will see the color corps go to war with new villain Relic.

And he dropped a bombshell.

DiDio said, "We can tease, one of the color corps are destroyed in the course of the battle that takes place with this character that we've introduced called Relic" He went on to say, "He actually destroys one of the corps also, the power battery." To which Lee added while laughing, "We've crossed over from tease to reveal."


Which corps do you think is going bye-bye?

Watch: MTV's San Diego Comic-Con Live!


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