SDCC 2013: Bryan Cranston Shares Advice With The Cast Of 'Orphan Black'


Photo credit: Brandon Freeberg

Eavesdropping at San Diego Comic-Con can be very fun.

While waiting to head in for an interview with MTV about "Godzilla," Bryan Cranston was flagged down by Tatiana Maslany, Jordan Gavaris, and Dylan Bruce from "Orphan Black" to tell the amazing actor that their show had been called the "sci-fi 'Breaking Bad'". Cranston and the "Orphan" trio then launched into a great conversation about acting, audience expectation, and more.

I wish we had video (or even audio) of the chat, but it was fascinating to overhear a young group of actors pick the brain of an award-winning performer. Cranston was jovial, supportive, and beyond friendly as he fielded questions from the crew and shared his excitement over showing the first footage from "Godzilla" to the Hall H crowd on Saturday.

To get a little humble-braggy, it's great to be near this kind of action at Comic-Con. Seeing actors, actresses, writers, artists, and directors interact, reminisce, and -- in this case -- geek out over each other, is something that makes this line of work exceptionally special.

As Cranston stepped away from the "Orphan" gang, Dylan Bruce patted Walter White on the arm and shouted, "Mr. Cranston, please watch our show!" to which Cranston promised he would "check it out."

Watch: MTV's San Diego Comic-Con Live!


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