SDCC 2013: Delicious Food Cosplay



By Karen Yossman

You either have to be incredibly crazy or incredibly brave to come to San Diego Comic-Con dressed as food. Putting on an apparently edible costume and walking into 130,000 geeks with limited access to carbohydrates is like being a gazelle in a lion enclosure. Except hungry geeks are 100 times more lethal than a hungry lion. (No really, that’s a fact).

With this in mind, I raise a glass to the delicious selection of cosplay spotted around Comic-Con. Nom nom!

food cosplay 1

Who knew bacon could be so stylish? You can tie it around your waist as a snazzy belt or curl it on your head as a cute fascinator (very Kate Middleton). Add some eggs, toast, and a pinch of butter and you have yourself an outfit. Or breakfast.

food cosplay 2

This costume is actually based on Tokidoki character Donutella but to your average con-goer all they’ll see is mmm…dooonuuuts... I particularly love the idea of the giant donut life ring, which would, ironically, ensure certain death if I got my hands on it. Either from drowning or from eating a donut the size of a life ring. Mmm…dooonuuuts….Sorry, where were we?


This packet of fries is livin’ large, boy, livin’ so large. That’s because it’s actually an amazing Frylock from "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" costume. Still, all it takes is for Frylock here to bump into a geek with low blood sugar who’s never seen Adult Swim and he’ll be running for his life. Hey that’s why they call it fast food, right?

food cosplay 5

Is that a frozen banana in her stand or is she just happy to be at Comic-Con? Luckily frozen bananas are far too healthy a treat for most con-goers so she’s probably safe. Let’s just hope she doesn’t bump into Mr Bananagrabber.

food cosplay 4

If you thought Frylock was in trouble, check out this packet of fries from McDonalds. What I especially love about this costume is that there is no character development here: she just really loves fries.

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