SDCC 2013: Is Gus Coming Back To 'Breaking Bad'?



While chatting with Giancarlo Esposito for "Revolution," we just had to show him Mezco's new "Breaking Bad" Walt action figure that comes in a Los Pollos Hermanos slipcase.

Of course, we "Bad" fanatics know that Esposito played Meth overlord (and chicken magnate) Gus who [SPOILERS] didn't exactly make it out of season 3 in one piece. But that doesn't mean he can't pop up in a flashback or dream sequence in one of the final 8 episodes of the series. So we asked him, is he coming back?

And it should come as no surprise that Esposito didn't want to spoil any details about the highly anticipated end of the series, but he did tell us one little tidbit. He said, "There may be an image."

So there you have it. Gus comes back from the dead and kills Walt!

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