SDCC 2013: Quirky Cosplay


By Karen Yossman

Whether it’s retro Wonder Woman or steampunk’d Supergirl, there’s nothing like a quirky take on a beloved character for instant cosplay cred. Check out some of the best from San Diego Comic-Con below.


One of the magical things about Comic-Con is that in the downtime between queuing for panels, signings, toys and queues, you have time to contemplate deep, philosophical thoughts. Like, is there a robot equivalent of Rule 63? I.e. for every robot there exists a human counterpart. Because I found a super cute R2D2 beeping around yesterday and I’m kinda hoping there’s a C3PO to go with her!

Steampunk Supergirl

Is it a bird? Is it a biplane? No it’s Steampunk Supergirl! I love the puffy sleeves and layered skirt but, most of all, the goggles. Because until I spotted them it had never occurred to me that Superman probably gets bugs in his eyes all the time when he’s flying around. I mean, it’s not like he’s gonna whip out the lasers every time he sees an insect coming his way, right? Someone needs to tell Clark to trade in his glasses for a pair of those.


Doctor Who may have cringed when the TARDIS told him her name was ‘Sexy’ but the revelation suddenly cast his trusty time machine in a whole new light. Which is why I love this female interpretation featuring a frilly skirt and underbust corset. Who needs Amy Pond? That’s a question rather than a statement by the way.

1950s Wonder Woman

Wouldn’t this 1950s Wonder Woman and Captain America make the cutest couple? Granted the whole Marvel/DC divide might give the relationship a Romeo and Juliet vibe and I really wouldn’t want to witness a lovers’ tiff between those two but there’s nothing like stars and stripes to bring two people together.

Steampunk Alice in Wonderland

There’s something about a steampunk Alice in Wonderland that just makes sense, you know? Or at least, it doesn’t make any less sense than anything else in the story. And it makes a whole lot more sense than the Tim Burton movie. Mostly, I just love her hat though.

For more Comic-Con cosplay click the image below!


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