SDCC 2013: Geoff Johns Shares His Thoughts On Superman Killing


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We've brought up the controversy of whether or not Superman should ever kill on this site. We spoke with Jim Lee and Scott Snyder about it, so while we had Geoff Johns on the MTV San Diego Comic-Con Livestream, we had to ask the centerpiece of the DC storytelling universe, what he thought.

Johns discussed the recent events of "Justice League" #22 which saw [SPOILERS] Superman (a mind-controlled Superman, mind you) blast Dr. Light's face off with his heat vision. Both this moment and the ending of "Man of Steel" has prompted a conversation about the ethics the big blue scout breaking his very staunch moral code and taking lives.

Geoff Johns, mostly stuck to the events of "Trinity War" but said that he decided to have Superman torch Dr. Light because he became a tool of the stories villains. They forced the Justice League to lose faith in their ultimate icon, their "core conscience" as Johns says. So can we deduce from this statement that if Superman kills, as he does, without the aid of mind-control, do we, as a people lose faith in him? And is that way this is such a consistent debate among comic fans? I think Johns states it clearly when he says, "I think it's a great debate..."

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Watch: Geoff Johns Talks The DCU


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