SDCC 2013: Geoff Johns Talks The Identity Of The Outsider



While talking with DC Comics chief creative officer, during MTV's San Diego Comic-Con Livestream, and main architect of the DC Universe, Geoff Johns, the writer talked about the identify of the mysterious Outsider, the leader of the Secret Society of Super-Villains in his "Justice League of America" series.

He said, "Hardcore DC fans should have already figured out [who The Outsider is.]"

So who is he, hardcore fans? Our own Alex Zalben had a few guesses about The Outsider's ID, but as we learned in later issues of "JLA," he wasn't entirely correct.

Some of you may recall that a certain butler dubbed himself The Outsider back in the Silver Age. Is Johns making reference to this? And if so, how the heck will it work?

Let us know!

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