SDCC 2013: Matt Smith Shares Advice For The Next Doctor: 'Whoever He OR SHE May Be' [UPDATED WITH VIDEO]


UPDATE: Check out Smith's thoughts on the next Doctor, saying goodbye, and more in the video right here!

Watch: SDCC 2013: Matt Smith Interview

Plus! See what "Who" producer Mark Gatiss and "An Adventure in Space and Time" actor David Bradley's thoughts on the possibility of a female Doctor after the jump!

Watch: Mark Gatiss and David Bradley On A Female Doctor

Could the next Doctor be a woman? During Her Universe's Ashley Eckstein interview with Matt Smith at San Diego Comic-Con, the outgoing Doctor shared his advice for the next person to take over the TARDIS. But first, he casually dropped one VERY intriguing tidbit:

It's very sad for me leaving. It's a wrench. And I got one more episode to shoot but then it's over to someone else, whoever he or she may be...

Sure Smith might not be in the know for who Steven Moffat and company are planning to cast, but the rumor of the next Doctor being of the female persuasion have been persistent. Could the folks behind the show be preparing to announce the first ever female Doctor? Hopefully, we'll find out this weekend at Comic-Con.


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