SDCC 2013: Fast-Food Funnies: Dynamite's Senior Editor On 'Bob's Burgers' Comics



By Matt D. Wilson

"Simpsons" comics are something of an institution, so it's no surprise that another smart, hilarious Fox animated show, "Bob's Burgers" is making its way into comics pages as well.

Dynamite Entertainment announced this week that it has acquired the license to make comics based on the show, though no creative team had been named, nor a release date been revealed. Even so, we were too excited not to ask for more information about it. Luckily, Dynamite Senior Editor Joe Rybandt was happy to oblige.

MTV Geek: Bob's Burgers tends to be a pretty low-key, character-based show. Is there anything that'll have to change about that in the transition into comics?

Joe Rybandt: We’re in the process right now of defining the creative direction by discussing the whole project with the production team and show writers/creator. I think we’ll be able to translate the tone, humor, etc., with their guidance and involvement.

Geek: On the flipside, what types of stories are you hoping to tell that you can't tell on TV?

Rybandt: It’s wide open, we want the comic to serve as both companion, and introduction. with animation, they can go and do anywhere, as opposed to “love” TV, so it is challenge in comics as comics usually offer those same budget-free constraints, but comics also have their own magic to them.

Geek: How involved is [creator] Loren Bouchard? Is he offering any input on the comic?

Rybandt: We’re working on those details now, but he’ll have as much involvement as his schedule allows!

Geek: The voices of the characters are so important. How will that come through on the page?

Rybandt: Well, the voices are important, but the process of writing those characters, to create that voice, is even more important and that’s where we’ll find the happy medium in the comics.

Geek: This is very important: Will the chalkboard burger-of-the-day gags continue into the comic?

Rybandt: I don’t see why not!

Geek: When will the Tina spinoff comic start? I'd like to know so I can schedule my day around buying it and rereading it repeatedly.

Rybandt: Ha! We’ll be exploring all sorts of options once the main series gets going in early 2014! Stay tuned!

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