Top 5 Webcomics You Missed This Week: 'Ronin Galaxy,' 'Cool Jerk,' And More

Top 5 Webcomics You Missed This Week!

Many of you have probably been busy with San Diego Comic-Con this week, and haven't had much time for reading webcomics. Never fear, though! We've got you covered!

5. Ronin Galaxy: Leona gets upset!

Ronin Galaxy

Taylor, Leona and Ai just discovered this gent in a locked pantry aboard the Typhoon. His response was to tell Ai to "kill the peasants" which Leona didn't take kindly to. It was actually the discovery that warranted "Ronin Galaxy" being included in this week's list, but seeing him get walloped is much more visually exciting!

4. Cool Jerk: San Diego UT special Comic-Con edition!

Cool Jerk

Paul Horn presents an autobiographical comic about Comic-Con -- which just ended, if you weren't paying attention! It was run by the San Diego Union-Tribune in both their online and print editions, but since it hit the web first and Horn's Cool Jerk strip is a regular webcomic itself, I'm counting this as a webcomic, too. He provides readers with a great insider's look at the show that most of the strip's reading audience probably isn't familiar with.

3. The Legend of Bill: Gina & the Dark Queen switch back!

Legend of Bill

It seems like decades ago that Vasheeva switched bodies with Princess Gina in order to woo Bill. And even though Gina found the spellbook she needed weeks ago, it's take a while to get the right spell cast. Of course, now that Gina's in her own body again, readers can probably expect her to not be very happy with the Dark Queen!

2. The Realist: Asaf has a child!

The Realist

The Realist is Asaf Hanuka's sporadic diary comic. Apparently, he's been a little quiet lately because of the birth of his child. Congrats, Asaf! (If you're interested in reading his comic, don't worry. He presents it in both Hebrew and English!)

1. Introspective Comics: Averted suicide!

Introspective ComicsRyan Dow has been battling depression for many years, and he uses his webcomic to help work through some issues. This particular scene is a flashback to several months ago when his girlfriend apparently tried committing suicide. Dow only vaguely alluded to the issue at the time, but now feels comfortable enough to discuss at least some aspects of it. Given the amount of courage it takes to talk about such topics at all, much less in such a public forum, he gets the number one spot this week. More power to you, Ryan; I hope you and Rebecca are doing better now!


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