SDCC 2013: Scott Neitlich Stopped By MTV To Show Off Matty Collector Exclusives And His New Belt


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During MTV's San Diego Comic-Con livestream, Scott Neitlich (Marketing Brand Manager at Mattel) brought a ton of Matty Collector-exclusives into the studio-- that we're giving away! Not only that, but Scott was sporting the prototype of Mattel's latest prop-replica: Batman's Utility Belt, based on the look of the 1966 television series!

The utility belt is a while from release, but will include four opening pouches (from the bottom, natch), and a fold-able Batarang! It'll fit up to a 43" waist, so if you're a 44 or above it looks like some situps might be in order before you go on any vigilante adventures.

Now, let's take a look at the best of the exclusives:

Rokkon and Stonedar - Masters of the Universe Classics


Like Scott, these were my favorite figures in the vintage Masters of the Universe action figure line. Sure, turning into a rock is kinda lame, but transforming is still better than not transforming!

He-Man & Skeletor - Mini-Masters


This tiny-fied He-Man and Skeletor set look really close to their appearance in "He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe" for the iPad. Trust me, I played that side-scroller wayyyy too much to not recognize the similarities.

Batusi Batman - 1966 Batman Figure Line


This exclusive is a very good representation of Adam West as he shakes his ass on the dance floor. The facts that it's Batman-related, sculpted by the Four-Horsemen, and has a package designed by Shag are all only bonuses.

Julie Newmar Catwoman - Barbie

Barbie Catwoman

Julie Newmar was the perfect Catwoman and this figure brings the 60s-era criminal seductress into the world of Barbie. Ken better watch out, or that wimp will get his eyes scratched out!

New 52 Shazam - DC Universe Club Infinite Earths

The first figure representing Shazam's look in DC Comics' New 52, this figure (sculpted by the four Horsemen) features a removable hood and has a box that matches the stylings of the DC Club Infinite Earths subscription line.

New 52 Shazam

For more check the Matty Collector website on August 5th!


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