SDCC 2013: Is Valiant Working On Universe-Wide Crossover?


Watch: Valiant Comics San Diego Comic-Con Interview

During the MTV San Diego Comic-Con Livestream, "Harbinger Wars" writer Joshua Dysart let slip some huge news concerning the future of the Valiant universe.

While chatting about wrapping up Valiant's first crossover since its relaunch "Harbinger Wars" which saw "Harbinger" and "Bloodshot" slam together, writer Joshua Dysart accidentally said that he's next working on universe-wide crossover.

Dysart was quickly shushed, but this is a big step for the publisher who has been making waves with its very solid lineup of new titles like the aforementioned "Harbinger," "Bloodshot," as well as "XO Manowar" and the terrific "Quantum and Woody."

Obviously, we don't know much about this proposed crossover, but according to executive editor Warren Simmons, "XO Manowar" will provide the biggest clues for the future of the Valiant universe. So start reading!


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