Scott Snyder Talks Red Hood Gang, Edward Nigma, and MORE In 'Batman: Zero Year' #22 [EXCLUSIVE]

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by Alison H. Mayer

So y'all have read DC Comics' 'Batman: Zero Year' #22, right? Because this exclusive episode of 'Batman: Zero Year - Behind The Bat', is about to get super spoilery!

MTV Geek's Alex Zalben sat down with Scott Snyder to discuss, among other things, who the Red Hoods actually are, the Red Hood leader's relationship with the Bat (suspiciously notatallsimilar to that of the Joker), and writing Edward Nigma's riddles. Also, Alfred slaps Bruce?! Check out the interview below, or if you haven't read 'Batman: Zero Year' #22 yet, be sure to pick up a copy at your local comics shop! Preferably before watching the video, unless you're into that sort of thing.

Watch: Batman: Zero Year | Ep. 2 After-Show

We'll catch you same Bat-time, same Bat-channel next month as we take a look at 'Batman: Zero Year' #23! And in case you missed it, check out the 'Batman: Zero Year - Behind The Bat' Episode 2 Pre-Show:

Watch: Batman: Zero Year | Ep. 2 Pre-Show


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