SDCC 2013: 'Game Of Thrones' Casts Mark Gattis, But As Who?


"Game of Thrones" has its eye on a "Doctor Who" and "Sherlock" favorite for a new, mysterious role: Mark Gattis is aboard for HBO's upcoming fourth season. But the network is keeping quiet on who he's playing. The "Thrones" San Diego Comic-Con panel takes place on Friday, so expect some official information then. For now, all we can do is play the guessing game — and that's exactly what we're going to do.

Read on for some of our theories about who Gattis is playing on "Thrones," based on what we know of the "Song of Ice and Fire" novels. Be warned, there are some SPOILERS from the books are ahead.

Mace Tyrell

This is the popular and perhaps most likely pick. Mace is the lord of Highgarden and the father of Margaery Tyrell. He becomes a key player starting with "A Storm of Swords," the novel that season three partially adapted, and continues to provide the framework for season four. Tyrell is a heavier-set character than Gattis in the books, but the show has made changes to characters' physical traits on more than one occasion. Probably the safe bet.

Donal Noye

Season four sees the return of the Night's Watch in full force — and by "full force" we only mean that it gets prominent placement in the story; the organization itself remains pretty thin. In "Storm of Swords," the one-armed blacksmith Donal Noye takes a leadership role as Mance Rayder and his wildlings advance on Castle Black. He's yet to make his "Thrones" debut, but Noye is a crucial character in one of the story's most epic battles. If he makes it on the show, Gattis would be a great pick to play him.


In the novels, Bran Stark and his traveling companions Meera and Jojen Reed come into contact with a mysterious figure beyond the Wall: Coldhands, an apparently undead but still intelligent warrior who rides through the great north atop a giant elk. The popular theory is that Coldhands is secretly Benjen Stark, but there's plenty of evidence to refute that idea. Casting Gattis as Coldhands would dispel that theory — at least as far as the show's continuity goes — but it's hard to imagine season four not finding a place for Coldhands in some capacity.

Brynden Rivers

Also known as the fabled three-eyed crow. Also known as Bloodraven. This iconic figure doesn't make his appearance in the books until "A Dance with Dragons," the most recent publication in George R.R. Martin's series. But "Thrones" has rejiggered the chronology of the books on multiple occasions, and Bran's story, more than anyone's, needs more meat than what the books allow right now. Getting Bran to Bloodraven as soon as season four certainly helps in that direction, and Gattis would be an interesting choice for the character.

Howland Reed

Just kidding. We'll never see Howland Reed.

[Source: Entertainment Weekly]

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