SDCC 2013: 'Superior Spider-Man' Writer Dan Slott Digs Into 'Darkest Hours'



By Matt D. Wilson

Since Doctor Octopus has taken over Peter Parker's life and his body, he's encountered quite a few of the original Spider-Man's old foes. One he hasn't taken on yet is Venom, but that's all set to change with the start of the "Darkest Hours" storyline in November.

MTV Geek got a few quick moments to chat with "Superior Spider-Man" writer Dan Slott about what's in store for Otto as he faces one of Spider-Man's most dangerous foes and makes some announcements at San Diego Comic-Con.


MTV Geek: Of late, Venom and Spider-Man have not particularly been in each other's lives. Venom's been off doing his military missions and Spider-Man's been dealing with his own stuff. What brings them together here?

Dan Slott: More than "of late." Ever since Flash Thompson's taken on the mantle of Venom, we've worked very hard to keep him and Spidey apart. This throw down has been a long time coming! As for what brings them together... you'll have to wait and see.

Geek: I assume this is still Flash Thompson in the symbiote, right?

Slott: Yep. Flash "Eugene" Thompson, a.k.a. Agent Venom.


Geek: It sounds like this is going to be an antagonistic meeting, to say the least, but Flash's version has tended to be generally heroic. Why are they at odds here?

Slott: It really doesn't matter how heroic Flash has been. He's still Venom. And this is still Spider-Ma-- Wait. This isn't any old Spider-Man! This is the Superior Spider-Man! That does not bode well for Flash. At all.

Geek: Otto has a background with some of the other Venom hosts -- Mac Gargan in particular. Less so with Flash. How will that play into things?

Slott: Actually Otto really doesn't have any real background with Flash. In 50 years of Spidey comics, the two of these guys have never really been alone in a room together. Flash may have been a face in the crowd during "The Trial of Doc Ock," or Flash may have been on hand with a group of kids from Midtown High as cops were taking Doc Ock away. But the two of them, mano-a-mano? This might just be a first. And that will definitely play into things.

Geek: The solicitation says Venom will infect everything in Otto's life. Otto's life is basically Peter's old life, though. How will Venom know what will really get Otto's goat?

Slott: Again, you'll have to wait and see.

Geek: We're told that the Superior Spider-Man will be "decimated." Which tenth of him will be removed? His feet? Is it his feet? (I'm sorry.)

Slott: With Doc? Let's hope it's a tenth of his ego!

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