SDCC 2013: Norman Reedus Takes Over 'Walking Dead' Instagram Account


Daryl Dixon

There are no iPhones in the zombie apocalypse. The closest experience there is to a friend request is driving from the prison to Woodbury and receiving a gun in the face as a greeting.

But in our world, mobile devices and social media thrive — and zombie-killer Daryl Dixon is here to show you how it's done.

In celebration of San Diego Comic-Con this week, actor Norman Reedus has taken over the official Instagram account for "The Walking Dead." He's posting candid shots of himself and his fellow cast members as they survive their time in San Diego, interacting with fans and each other.

And by interacting, apparently we mean "licking."

Reedus has a thing for licking stuff, judging by one photo he posted of himself and actress Melissa McBride, who plays Carol on the AMC series. Even if Daryl and Carol never get it on, you can start writing your sexy Reedus-McBride fanfics right about now:

Walking Dead

Reedus doesn't even need another person around to find an excuse to stick his tongue out. Observe:

Walking Dead

It's not all tongue-tied photo-shoots on the "Walking Dead" account, as amusing as that would be. Reedus has also posted some glamor shots of his very own Daryl Dixon action figure, hitting stores in November:

Walking Dead

I think the lesson learned here is that the "Walking Dead" team should just hand all of their social media keys to Reedus forever. Who needs pictures of anything else in life other than Reedus licking stuff and posing with action figures?