'Walking Dead' 1/6-Scale Zombies Are Coming to Get You!


New "Walking Dead" toy announcements have been coming like..a horde of zombies, shall we say.  And when it comes to "The Walking Dead," they CANNOT BE STOPPED.

Yes, your action figure collection is doomed by these new 1/6 scale Walkers from ThreeZero, a branch of ThreeA Toys.  These ugly dudes, specifically based off the look of the AMC TV series of "The Walking Dead," will be coming for collectors soon.

The first few Walkers are based on the the de-jaw-ed "pets" of Michonne, so you can stop worrying about zombie plagues and focus instead on more pressing issues, such as having enough money to buy these.

Purell is invaluable.  Just sayin'.

Here's the teaser pic:


We'll have more news on these as it develops...if we survive.

Excited by these?  Are they already haunting your nightmares?  Let us know!